Just believe

Posted by PicasaI took this picture in our back yard. It took several tries to get the bee to cooperate.
Today in book club we had a photo scavenger hunt. The girls were given a list of things to find and photograph. Their photographs will be used in a collage in the next few weeks.
I introduced them to the saying, ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. I encouraged them to show the beauty that each of them saw in their photos. Some took pictures of whole trees while others took photos of a part of a flower. It’s all in the perspective.
As I tried to capture this bee on film, I thought of my perspective on the bee itself. It could sting me, yet it is beautiful and amazing. The bee is also necessary to our survival. It is a key player in pollination. What would happen if I just saw the bee as a buzzing, stinging pest. My perspective would be different.
When I adopted children they were much like these bees, wonderful and amazing, but they stung me often. I knew that the sting came out of their own pain. I am glad that each of my children are productive members of my household, they are like the beautiful buzzing bees, going about their business with only an occasional sting.

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