Random Thoughts and Actions

I’m jealous of bloggers who post short concise blogs, just a few bits and pieces and that’s it, over and out. So, today just random thoughts and actions from my day in a to do list form:

1. Go to Audrey’s to help with the babies
2. Take Rafal and his school work with
3. Help with babies, help Rafal do schoolwork,tell Rafal that Virginia is a state-not a city, play a word game with Rafal
4. Drive home
5. Ask teens questions: did you finish your school work? do your chore? do what dad asked you? Ask Rafal to go outside so teens don’t hurt him because he is bugging them
6. Clean bathrooms
7. Listen to Ania
8. Ask Rafal to do what he is supposed to do
9. Listen to Ania
10. Talk to Rafal again
11. Accept Hunter’s offer to make dinner
12. Tell Gregory to put peroxide on his head because he ‘ran into a nail’
13. Vacuum
14. Eat dinner
15. Vacuum more, mop kitchen
16. Tell Rafal to brush his teeth
17. Get in bed and write random list
18. Tell Rafal to get back in bed
19. Wait for teens to get home
20. Answer texts about this weekend’s plans

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