The’ K’ syndrome

“Be home at seven,” I said, “do you know what time that is?”

“K,” Rafal replied.

“No, I’m asking you if you know what time it is.”


“So, can you be home in an hour?” I asked.

“I have no clue.”

The “K” syndrome is running rampant in my life this summer. The other night Rafal asked if he could borrow my large flashlight to look for snakes.

“Yes, you can borrow it…”

“K.” Rafal replied.

“On one condition,” I said.

“You must return it, unharmed, not broken….,”


One hour later I called Rafal in to shower and get ready for bed.

“Where’s my flashlight?”


“My flashlight?”

“I don’t know. Maybe outside. Maybe in the shed.”

“Please go find it.”

“It’s dark. I can’t see!”

4 thoughts on “The’ K’ syndrome

  1. Kath,

    I think we should call this “upmness.” That's the “captcha” I had to enter to validate this comment, and I think it fits this syndrome perfectly. 🙂


  2. I still can't comment via my Goodgle identity (how strange, to have different identities in different cyberverses), but I think I can via Anonymous Guy.

    i have the same problem. u r not unnerstan us peeple. we r reeli ail-y-ens frum uh-nuther plen-it and shud be give ful consid-ur-a-shun for our diifrent speech stuff n that.

    Tnk u,

    The Mad Hermit

  3. Okay, I can now post via my Google account (I had to switch to Mozilla Firefox). Life is too confusing nowadays for an old mad hermit. But I look forward to a new post to respond to!


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