Gingerbread Donuts


My daughter Audrey found these donuts via Pinterest. I repinned them, you can find them at

They taste like a little bit of Christmas, Ania and I had a great time baking them even though we don’t have the donut pans, we used muffin pans and poked a hole in each muffin after baking them!

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3 thoughts on “Gingerbread Donuts

  1. I can smell the yumminess from here–takes me back to my childhood days and battles over who got to lick the spoon. So delightful to think of you and Ania doing these things!


  2. Dad, it was fun! Ania and I have been experimenting a lot in the kitchens, one of our favorite fall dinners is a whole chicken in a crock pot rubbed with seasonings and topped with sweet potatoes! Cook all day and yum!

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