Yesterday I was setting up a crock pot dinner before heading to THESIS (our homeschool co-op). I was feeling dizzy and dropped the chicken.

Hunter reprimanded me, “Mom, ask for help!”

He ordered me to sit down and drink my fruit smoothie while he took over. I had already removed the innards and bathed the beast. I instructed him in mixing the spices in a bowl.
“Okay, now what?” he asked, showing me the spice mixture for approval.

“Now, take the spice mixture, get it all over your hands and rub it all over the chicken, getting some of it under the skin.”

“WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You want me to touch the chicken? You want me to put my hands under the skin?”

With a few more grunts and some moaning, “I can’t believe I am doing this,” Hunter complied and did an awesome job of spicing the chicken liberally.

The result later in the day was a tasty dinner. I just wish I would have taken a picture!

Last night, THESIS held its annual Talent Show/Christmas reception which my family missed for the first ever. I have struggled with health issues this year and it has been different.

As I peeked into the rehearsal yesterday and heard and saw many amazing talents, I began to feel guilty that I hadn’t been able to assist my kids in pursuing their’s more this year. A reminder via text from daughter Audrey got me back on track.

Performance arts is not the talent that has grown exponentially in my kids lives this year. Self-discipline on Gregory’s part has made him a better guitar player without a live teacher. Yesterday, I watched Rafal help another student in class without complaint. This school year, he has made some amazing connections. Ania and I have cooked together, listened to podcasts on health and searched and tried healthy recipes. Damian is learning the rigors of college life and managing his time. Amerey is balancing classes life and homemaking for her new husband. Audrey is busy with twins,managing her home and helping me homeschool and craft for Christmas.

Yesterday, the crock pot meal was completed by Hunter. What a talent he has for empathy followed by action. Many times in the past year he has stepped in to do my job when I was not feeling well. Just the other day he made awesome quesadillas with pepper jack cheese, black beans and home made guacamole.

Yes, I missed the talent show which saddens me, but my children have many talents that the Lord is growing daily because of or in spite of me. Performance in real life is the talent my family has grown in exponentially this year.

Even a child is known by his acts, whether [or not] what he does is pure and right. Proverbs 20:11

3 thoughts on “What?

  1. And let us not overlook the blessed talents for teaching and mom-ing and writing possessed by my dear daughter Kathleen!


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