Family Relationships- The Honeymoon

Biblical Relationship Series- Adoptive Families Part 1

I awoke to sound of the toy race track buzzing from across the hall in the boys’ room. I looked at the clock. Four-thirty a.m.!
I sat up with a jolt and ran across the hall, leaping over the landing- My children are here. They are all here!

It was a frosty night in February over a dozen years ago when my adopted children: Damian, Gregory, Ania and Rafal came ‘home’ from Poland to be part of our forever family. Damian and Gregory awoke in the middle of the night to play with the race track- new and shiny. I joined the sleepy-eyed boys, cheering them on and basking in their joy.

I felt that same excitement the boys displayed over the racetrack, the newness of our big family, the hugs the kisses, the wonder of watching them discover new things and each other. Sometimes when I made dinner I cried tears of gratefulness, overwhelmed with the love I felt for these new beings added to my family of three biological children: Audrey, Amerey and Hunter.

My home full of children and chatter, everything was so new to the adopted children, bedrooms, comforters, toys, backpacks, a regular seat at the dinner table, dressers full of clothing that didn’t belong to the communal pot. There were tea parties with new sisters, bikes to ride, puppet shows to perform and a new last name to print curly-cued on school papers. New cuisine every night! Tacos! Hamburgers!

The first few weeks after adoption is the ‘honeymoon phase’. Children and parents alike can put forth their best behavior for a few weeks before issues start to surface. Isn’t this just like our relationship with Christ? I had a honeymoon phase after I joined Christ’s family. Jesus loved me!!! I loved him! Everything was shiny. Then came the dying.

For [as far as this world is concerned] you have died, and your [new, real] life is hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3

After my family honeymoon phase came the flesh-crucifying walk. I thank God for the honeymoon phase, it strengthened my resolve and boosted my emotions for the next phase- the killing fields. Check in tomorrow for my post- The Killing Fields.

Follow my blog buddies in their two week trek into Biblical Relationships!

Tracey, Audrey, Charli

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