Interview with Amerey

Week 2 of Biblical Relationships- Adoptive Families

Interview with daughter Amerey- she was eight when at the time of the adoption.

1. How did adoption change your life or did it? Explain.

It changed my life in many ways. It changed how many siblings I had at home to play with ( when I was little). I had now had a little sister (which I had always wanted.) It changed the amount of attention I got from my parents. And it changed our family dynamic.

2. Did the adoption change your relationship with Christ?

It helped me understand him a little more in compassion, mercy, and grace. I witnessed just the tiniest bit of suffering and hurt he saw everyday and felt just a little of the overwhelming love he felt for the broken hearted. I saw compassion in action.

3. What is the best/worst thing I (mom) did as far as family relationships were concerned?

The beat thing was family dinner, and the conversation topics with family dinner. Also, trusting us enough to run around the woods and neighborhood by ourselves. That really helped us grow closer with each other and just be kids together. I can’t really think of a worst thing. Because I’m not sure if I could have handled situations any differently than you did.

4. What advice would you give to adoptive families from your experience as a sibling?

Give the kids tons of time with just each other to really form relationships with each other. If you are always trying to build that relationship between them yourself then it won’t flourish and it will feel forced, and not natural. Relax they’re kids they know how to get along.

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