Interview with Damian

This is my last post for the two week series on Biblical Relationships- Adoptive Families
Sorry for the delay- we are vacationing this week!
Interview with Damian
Damian Guire- adopted into Guire family at age seven, oldest of a sibling group of four.
Current age- nineteen

1. How did adoption change your life or did it? Explain.

Adoption introduced me to a better life than I had before and I ever dreamed of having. It opened so many doors that it changed my life completely.

2. Did the adoption change your relationship with Christ?

Adoption introduced me to Christ or really my parents introduced me to him and everything about him I know from them and what he wants us to do with our life.

3. What is the best/worst thing I (mom) did as far as family relationships were concerned?

There is no worst thing everything that happened. Everything happened for a reason and all the decisions were based off of scriptures.

4. What advice would you give to adoptive families from your experience as a sibling?

Looking from my view of it it was the best experience in my life. I would encourage families to look into adoption and adopt even though its a long process- it’s all worth it!

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