Fall fun

Last week was full of fall fun for grandchildren Sam and Theo. Ni Ni (that’s me) and Aunt Ania  spent time with the twins while momma Audrey had baby Lucy.
I had meant to get back to blogging last week, but a wonderful sequence of events precluded my plan. Instead of writing, I spent time:
Reading books
Hiking to cabin
Going to the hospital to see baby Lucy
All with Sam and Theo along with my trusty sidekick Ania!
Man’s mind plans his way, but the lord directs his steps.
What a wonderful set of steps!

Theo and Sam

Favorite sayings of the week:

Ni Ni:  Come on Theo.
Theo:  Just a minute, a minute, a minute, a minute…

Sam:  Run! Run! Run! (and while falling) A rock!

Ni Ni and Lucy

Thanks Ania for being my right hand girl!  Thanks Amerey for food running and clean-up!

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