The Frustration Circle Part I

Frustration is the unspoken temptation of homeschooling Moms.  The power of assumption is great.  Assumption that other homeschooling Moms have perfectly dressed, obedient, well- educated  children sets the bar high, so high that no one can leap over it, the pole and vaulter come crashing down.

Homeschooling a child with a learning challenge can lead to mountains of misunderstanding and frustration.   A child who feels he cannot succeed will “demonstrate his complete inadequacy” according to Rudolf Dreikurs in Children the Challenge.

The child will demonstrate his inability by saying things such as:
“I am stupid”
“This is stupid!”
“I am not doing this, you can’t make me!”

He uses stupidity to avoid any effort whatsoever. The mistaken concept the child believes is “I’m worthless and hopeless” (Children the Challenge).  At this point,  Mother is tempted to become frustrated and react and pile more expectations on the child or the opposite-expect nothing and there is no disappointment.

Watch for Part II of the Frustration Circle and some practical solutions and Biblical encouragement! 

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