Frustration Part VI

Let’s get practical.

Theories are wonderful, but what do I do when I am stuck in the frustration circle?  What are some practical ways to escape and feel the wind on my face again and excape the stink?

Here are a few tips:

  • Slow down and eliminate unnecessary stress.  Often a schedule that is too full causes extra stress on Mom.  If an activity outside the home is causing problems inside the home, cut it out, no matter what it is.  A family’s emotional health is more important than an activity that ‘everyone else is doing’.
  • Evaluate the child’s learning style.  An auditory learner who is only given visual work will balk and become frustrated.  Try to to use all the of the learning styles with multiple children to cover all the bases.
  • Take a break!  Homeschooling Moms have high expectations.  They expect perfection from themselves and their students.  Homeschoolers do the whole math book!  While academic success is important, it is okay to let loose once and awhile and settle down into the moment at hand.  Enjoy!  Make muffins.  Go to the park. 
  • Go to the bathroom.  If in the middle of the teaching day, Mom gets overwhelmed or is engaged in a power struggle with a child, she needs to remove herself from the situation.  Go to the bathroom. Pray. Refocus.  Get your game face on and return to the playing field with a new attitude.  
Next week, I will share some personal stories from the tips I have given you today.  Feel free share your stories and tips in the comments.  
Tomorrow-Fun Friday!

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