Time-saving Tuesday

Yard walking.

When my children were small, it was difficult to go on a real walk.  There were too many of them and not enough man power to push or pull them, so I started the habit of yard walking.  I would take the kids outside to play on the swing set or in the sand box and walk around the yard.  No, it wasn’t a marathon and I had many, “push me on the swing, Mommy!”  or “look at my castle!”  moments, but I was still moving, blood-pumping, brain-clearing exercise.  When we went back inside to continue the school day, nap or whatever was on the agenda, I felt refreshed!

Fast forward to today!  I still yard walk on my lunch breaks when I need a pick me up or in the evening when there is not enough daylight left to go far from home.  I am close enough that teens can yell school or lunch questions!  I yard walked this evening, feet rustling leaves, Hillsong blasting on my Ipod, teens jumping on the trampoline and the moon shining down God’s blessing on us!

2 thoughts on “Time-saving Tuesday

  1. That is a great idea. I often want to walk with Liam and realize he is so curious and slow with his little legs that I can't get a good workout in. This way he can play or swing outside and I can get something good for me in! Thanks for sharing!

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