The Fast

I’ve been reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker.

The first chapter deals with a food fast, Jen and her council of friends embark on various food fasts to help them empathize with third world countries.  Jen chooses seven foods to eat for twenty-one days.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I have Celiac disease, so most of the time, especially while eating out, I eat the seven foods she listed minus the whole wheat bread (brown rice bread instead)- not that I am holier than thou, Jen and council. As I read, I got the feeling that God was going to zap me with a different fast because I was ALL “been there, done that!” about the clothes, food, adoption and worldview. Okay, that was my flesh.   Actually, I wasn’t EXACTLY saying THAT.  I think I am already standing on the edge of the cliff that Jen is running toward in the book. Only, I have been standing there for years!  Ouch!  Oh, I have stuck my toe over the edge a few times or pretended to leap.  But, this year, I have had a new kind of unrest. I want to reach the lost, not just any lost-the lost children.

More tomorrow!
Just a heads up- I will be doing my fast during the month of November.  Weird huh? The month of thanksgiving and I am fasting!

Join me on my fast for whatever God has put on your heart.  Do you have the unrest in your heart that I have? Do you know your special mission, your purpose? Do you have a vision? What is keeping you from accomplishing it?  Health? Time? Money? Strife?  Do you lack vision?
I’ll share my fast and my vision with you as it evolves.  Pray about yours as we enter the season of thanksgiving. Feel like doing Jen’s 7?  Find a council and go for it!

I’ve been journaling about mine, solidifying it.  I don’t want to share until later this week so you can pray about yours.

One thought on “The Fast

  1. Byzantine Catholics fast and abstain almost every day for six weeks during Advent in preparation for Christmas. Our purpose is, as always, to make ourselves better spiritually and to help us imitate Jesus, who fasted for forty days in the Desert. Kathleen, be kind to yourself and do not overdo it! Special graces for special cases!

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