The Fast Begins

The Fast Begins

Yesterday I shared my vision.  Over the years since it has blossomed a bit.

Thirteen years ago, I left on a mission trip to Poland and returned home with four natives who are now part of my forever family bringing our number of children up to seven, the number of perfection.  What’s one million minus four?

But, this is not Neverland and my lost boys and girls are found and growing in the training and admonition of the Lord, because of or in spite of me. The seeds have been planted.  God is watering.

For the past few years illness sequestered me close to home and sometimes to my room.  My focus on Jesus grew exponentially.  I held on to Jesus with all I had because I had nothing else.  I dug deep in the Scripture like a miner searching for a rich vein of coal.  Life. Sustenance. Heat.  One not-so-great-health day, I called Sarah Haynes, my hero, and she told me that I couldn’t give up, God wasn’t finished with me yet.  He had more work for me to do. I know.  She is right.

I fight again, brandishing my sword on the edge of the cliff.  I’m ready to jump!  If my Jesus parachute doesn’t open then I splat.  In the words of Esther, “If I perish, I perish.”

What am I jumping into?  I don’t know or like my teens say IDK!  God in His wisdom gave me a great lump of weakness so He can be STRONG.  He has a way where there seems to be no way and because I like to have all of my ducks in a row, He is not showing me the ducks…yet.

This fast.  I have been praying about it for a month and I didn’t get the memo on the details until I opened my eyes this morning. Fast negativity.  Wow!  That’s a difficult calf to lasso.  Cupcakes? Easy! Don’t eat cupcakes. Don’t hang around bakeries.  Don’t bake them or search for them on Sunday morning after Sunday school.  Negativity?  That’s a little less concrete.  Where do I put my check marks for this one?  Oh, I don’t get them.  No sack cloth or ashes.  Positive Prayer.  Change in me.  Change in my family.  Change in my worldview.  Reformation.  Here we go!
I’ll share some stories from my first day tomorrow!

One thought on “The Fast Begins

  1. This is very interesting…..negativity. What God has been speaking to me about in my life that needs to be removed. I will pray for you in this journey over the next month.


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