The Fast

Follow up

Before I posted Wednesday’s blog, I called my dad let him know what I was sharing about my early childhood.  He said it was fine. We talked about the election results for a few minutes and then I said, “I don’t want to live in fear.”

He said, “That’s right.  We don’t want to be afraid.  We have to be courageous.”

Part of the prophesy given to me last Sunday: “Stop being afraid to go back to your childhood and face your fears. It will help you and others.” (I’m paraphrasing)

I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m cowering in a corner somewhere, I’m not.  One of things my family did teach me is to pay attention to what’s going on in the world and to do something about it.  Attending to my own personal peace and affluence was never the family goal.  However, before the Civil Rights movement and feeding the poor came from the love of Christ, it was just empty works.  It did no eternal good.

“…civil liberties have been bequeathed by Christianity and not by atheism or humanism.”- What if Jesus Had Never Been Born

As a six-year-old,I had a Darwinian survival-of the fittest, humanistic worldview.  I couldn’t verbalize it in these terms, it was more like- you get ice cream if you eat it first or pull someone’s hair to get it.  
Our mini society (family) failed because it relied on flesh and blood humans trying to do good.  They put their trust in humans helping other humans. Nietschse, the 19th century atheist, declared that “God is dead” and it was splashed on the cover of Time Magazine- April, 1966. By humanism, I mean “Man is the measure of all things…it gives no value system, there is no place for any knowledge from God.” A Christian Manifesto, Frances Schaeffer.  When God is dead, humans helping humans fail miserably, just as the great empire of Rome fell because they built a foundation on false gods.  My family built itself on the faulty foundation of humanism popular in the sixties and it fell.  

My family did have a reformation, but this is my part of the story. What can I do now? How do I face my fears, forgive and move on positively? First, I take the positive things my parents taught me. Research. Don’t accept everything everyone tells (even at church-check the Word) . Find the origins of whatever you are doing and see if it is sitting on a moral foundation that you agree with. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it! 

God has put this strongly on my heart- Many people never question their day to day habits, the culture they grew up in. I know in my case, God is exposing my marrow, why do I react in fear to things? Why is that my first response? Another question He has put on my heart – Why do you ________(fill in the blank). I shouldn’t go about my life blindly, habitually going through motions without examining the source, the meaning behind it. Because I homeschool, I have been able to delve into history and come up with some answers for questions everyone should ask themselves:

Where did public education come from? What is its foundation?
Who has the right to life? Men? Women? Or just women who have already made it through the birth canal?
Who gives the right to life? The Constitution?
What principles were our nation founded on?
What is the role of the family in society?
What is the role of church in society?
What is socialism? Has it ever worked? Where?

Ask the questions. Find the answers. Dig deep. Face the facts. Face the fear.

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