Time-saving Tuesday

The Command Center
I cannot take credit for this awesome time-saving center.  The credit goes to Sarah DeRoos who helped in the remodel design of our kitchen.  I took a photo of the kitchen from the command center facing the kitchen  so you can get an idea of where it is placed.  In the original house design, a tiny breakfast table would have fit in this space, but not been functional for our large family.  So, instead, Sarah had us order an extra slab of  Corian counter for this long wall  filled the space with a white board calendar and a bulletin board (plus a cafe photo).  The calendar is essential to keeping things on track in the Guire home.  If it’s not written on the calendar- it doesn’t happen.  The bulletin board houses work schedules, college schedules, special events and photos.  I just cleaned off the board in preparation for new work schedules and Christmas card photos! The command center is multi-purpose.  It serves as a place for charging electronics, working on a lap top, doing some extra schoolwork and it serves as a lovely buffet.  My little bit of help on the project was to recycle posts that we took down from the eighties railing between the family room and the kitchen and use them as legs for the command center.

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