Positive Prayer -The Home Stretch

Fasting Negativity- the final week!

It’s easy to fall into a trap that baits us with an ideal that our children should have holy behavior and walk in the fruit of the spirit all the time.  The trap snaps down on flesh with the bait of expectation, ripping the soul asunder-the more we fight it, the more we injure ourselves and our families.

One of the reasons I am fasting negativity is that TRAP.

Life on the home field during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season can be fleshy to say the least, especially with super sugary sweets, late nights out at Grandma’s (Ni Ni’s) and too much empty free time. Everyone walks around with proverbial eighties half-shirts on, their fleshy middles hanging out- the unrenewed sin nature loves to muffin top all over everyone.Sin lurks around every corner, enticing, beckoning, looking scrumptuous.  It lies.

In the letter pertaining to family relations Screwtape tells Wormwood:

“When two humans have lived together for many years, it usually happens that each has tones of voice and expressions of face which are almost unendurably irritating to the other.  Work on that.”- The Screwtape Letters

   Mom needs to wake up every morning, lace up her combat boots, put on her armor, pray and dive into the day with a fresh spirit of wisdom and revelation of her calling and remember Christ has put everything under His feet, not the children, but the Gluboses and Wormwoods (demons) harassing her household.  The victory is assured even though the battle rages on-the souls and the spirits of the children are more paramount than anything on this earth.  Cars, jobs, homes, careers, health, clothes, fabulously wrapped gifts, perfect pine trees, carefully iced cookies, jewels- they will all fade away,  if our own flesh and blood are not in heaven for eternity then woe. WOE. Anguish. Not that we can choose for them, but we must endeavor, sweat blood if we must to make it the most viable option for them.

One thought on “Positive Prayer -The Home Stretch

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