Friday Fun

Rice Therapy

When my five stair-step children were small, the sand and water table from Discovery Toys was a big hit, at least in other homes.  I just couldn’t bring myself to having sand and water in a container, together inside my home.  I came up with this fun, less messy alternative.  I bought a rubbermaid container filled it with white rice and  TADA- fun, sensory rich play for hours!  The girls played with measuring cups and made food.  The boys drove, dug and sifted.

Gourmet House - Long Grain White Rice - 14oz Bag



= hours of less mess, more sensory fun!

Children who are struggling with attachment may be hypo-sensitive and sensory-seekers, striving to get their fill of sensation.-Attachment and Integration Methods
Submerging wiggly hands into rice has a calming effect on the brain and prepares little bodies to handle other sensory stimuli- a pat on the back, lotion, a sweater, a hug.  When rice therapy is finished, children are calmer, less likely to lash out and more focused.  

One thought on “Friday Fun

  1. This is a great idea. Just be sure to put it in an easily vacuumed area, in case one's sweet child decides to start flinging handfuls of rice (not that I have any experience with said matter…).

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