Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

My colorful posty-notes caught my eye several times today at just the right time.  My husband had the day off today and I modify the schooling schedule to accommodate his plans.  Switching gears is not my forte, but for a child with learning struggles due to FAS and attachment issues, a gear change is like splitting an atom.  So…. as the family dug themselves out of the debris of that particular child’s fallout, I thought– I wish we didn’t have to change things to do what HE (husband)- then I looked up and saw:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Yep, my thinking needed readjusting.  My attitude toward my husband needed some tweaking.  Families raising children with capital letter syndromes need not bow down to the struggling child and let him rule the day.  I know this.  I just needed a reminder.

On lunch break, I popped onto facebook and clicked on Charli’s blog post “Project Peacock” and BAM!  That is what I need to do!  Thanks, Charli and Tracey for posting this wonderful idea at such a time as this, when I really needed it!  You can check it out!

Here’s a snippet:

What if, for one whole year, we did one thing each day to make our husbands feel special?  

Not for any personal agenda.  Not for manipulation.  

Just because.  

Just because he’s my husband and I want to be intentionally nice to him.- Charli

 Click on the names above for the full story.

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