Thoughtful Thursday

The water in the pot hit boiling point and air bubbles pushed to the surface in symphonic cadence disproving the myth that a watched pot never boils.  Two faces peered into the pot mesmerised by bubbles.

“Hey, does water have air in it?”  my youngest shouted.

“Yes, remember the model of  the H2O atom you made?” I answered

He ran to the family room mantle and grabbed his model (that’s where we keep our atom models, where do you keep yours?) and slid back into the kitchen yelling, “I got it!  I got it!”

*Dance of JOY*

Aha moments are priceless.  I can’t buy them with Mastercard.  I can’t download them on itunes.  I can’t get an app for them on my phone.  I can’t order them on Amazon.  I can’t order them at all.  I wait for them.

I can SOW, but the reaping comes much later.  This is true for everything, but with children who have learning challenges or attachment issues, the wait may be longer.  The victory is all the sweeter if I can maintain my peace during the waiting.  

I remember THE WAIT  during in my pre-adoption journey.  I had been living in the pre-adoptive limbo for so long I didn’t think it would ever had an end.  Adoptive parents know this limbo well, the paper work is finished (finally).  The home study is complete (yay).  INS has approved.  Finger prints are inspected.  Everything has been forwarded to the proper authority in_________(fill in the blank).  Then comes the most excruciating part.  WAIT FOR THE CALL.   Yes, I remember those instructions.  Simple right?  The hard part is finished.  WAIT, an inactive state, right?  Rest, sit down for six months, have a cup of coffee with your WAIT.

Waiting is a part of life, right?  I wait at the grocery store, the cell phone store, the doctor, the dentist, etc… What I do while I wait determines how I feel about the time spent.  I am assured while I wait- it will eventually be my turn.  I need to have this attitude with my children.  As I sow, I know I will eventually reap.  They will reap the ‘aha’ moment and I will reap the joy with them. 

“Cast YOUR bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.”- Ecclesiastes 11:1

I will find it after many days.  Not two days, not two minutes.  Many days.  If you are sowing connections, lessons or training with your child.  Don’t give up.  WAIT.  Have a cup of coffee with your wait.  Read a good book.  Relax.  You threw your bread out on the water, let God take care of it.  The tide will come back in and wash upon your feet cool and tickly, you will laugh and be full of joy as you cast your bread, your sustenance, your life, time and energy upon the water again.

My friend, Megan Wright, has some inspiring posts concerning connection on her blog- I especially love this one.  She is a sowing mama, wisely casting her bread upon the waters!

3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. God brought this post to my heart today and I had to read it again. I am in a deep season right now of sowing for relationships and your words are an encouragement to me. Thanks for sharing and I wanted to know your words stuck with me!


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