Fun Friday

Earlier this week, I stumbled on this: The One-Minute Writer  in one of Lorrie Young’s posts.  Lorrie is a kindred-spirit-writer-sister.  Writing is one of  her passions- as well as mine.  Writing for one minute is a great exercise! Try it!  Just for fun!
Writing is an important part of the homeschooling day at the Guire Shire.  My kids have a twenty-five minute timed writing period (nearly) every morning. I write an age appropriate prompt on the white board.  The kids copy it before I set the timer.  We discuss the prompt.  I set the timer. They write.
  If your kids are young or new at writing, i.e., it scares you to death- let me back track down memory lane for you.

I was once a scribe in the inner courts of the Guire Shire.
1. Stage One
At one point in my early schooling career, I had several young non-writers, that is they were not able to write.  Add to that- some of my children do not have a writing bent. I was determined to start their writing careers at an early age, so I became the household scribe.  I read  the writing prompt and listened as the child poured out his story.  I wrote it down for him without the one thousand ‘ands’.  

2. Stage Two
After the pre-writing stage comes the I-can-write-a-little stage when a child’s expansive imagination outlasts his writing stamina.  During this stage, I held the position of part-time scribe.  I hovered in the background until needed.  “I can’t write anymore” usually meant the hand muscles were tiring, but the brain sped forward in imagination overdrive.

3. Stage Three
The independent writer.  This is the stage when, with proper discussion of the topic, the child can write all by himself.    A child without a writing bent may slide back and forth between these stages needing more help on some days than others.
*  If you are blessed with a child who has a writing bent, they may sail through the phases and beg for more writing!

Here is one of my youngest son’s writing prompts from this week:

“Did you ever think when you were a child, what fun it would be if your toys could come to life?  Well suppose you could really have brought them to life.  Imagine turning the tin into flesh.  And suppose the tin soldier did not like it….”  C.S. Lewis

For your avid writers, here are some tips from C.S. Lewis.

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