Wisdom for Wednesday,Praying Circles around Your Children

The week is half-way over and maybe you haven’t had the time to pray the way you have wanted to for your children.  Let’s face it- life is demanding.  Sometimes my feet hit the ground running and I don’t stop until, well I don’t stop.  My behind may be in a chair, writing, teaching, playing a game, writing a lesson plan, but it just doesn’t stop. I should be praying for my children during my morning prayer time and I do, when I can get my mind and body to cooperate.  I am not a morning person or a night owl.  I am a middle-of-the-day kinda gal which makes it difficult cause days are busy.  You’re supposed to be working. Working.  Working.  Be productive.  Produce something?  Right?  Food.  Clean clothes.  Children who can read and can name the seven continents.

Back to the point.  Here are some excerpts from my journal (first thing in the am):

Cold. Cold. Cold.
Ahhhhhh. I need to get going!
What happened, Lord?
Thank you for coffee.

Like I said, I am not a morning person.  Of course, those mornings I did rally and write some meaningful prayers and scriptures, but I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have a plan.  Planned prayer?  Yes.  Years ago, the Guire family assigned prayer focuses to each week day.

Monday-Family vision
Tuesday- Nation and armed forces
Wednesday-Church including Pastors, teachers, youth workers
Thursday-extended family and unsaved loved ones
Friday-  My children

Friday is my day to pray for my children.  It is not the only day I pray for them, but it is my morning prayer focus.  So after I write.  Cold. Cold. Cold.  I pray for them.

Maybe mornings don’t work for you.  Maybe your children wake up way to early or you have to help your husband get out the door to work.  Maybe you are not a morning person either and the only thing you would write in your journal is coffee, coffee, coffee.  How about another time?  How about one day a week you take an hour, in the evening after the kids are tucked in, instead of the latest episode of whatever.  Or maybe hubby could watch the kids for an hour while you go out for coffee with your Bible and journal to invest in some circling time for your kids future. It’s difficult to circle a prayer on self-control when the child is right under your feet, difficult, but not impossible.  So, what you say?  Shall we each make a date to circle and pray for our children?

Posty-note time.
The posty-note this time is just to remind you of your scheduled prayer time.  Write:  Circle Time.  Put the time and date on it.  Put it where you can see it!  Keep me posted!

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