Praying Circles Around your Children, Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something for my children inspired by our study, Praying Circles Around your Children. I liked the idea of the prayer posters, but I couldn’t see myself being able to pull that off. Here’s what I did, instead.-I made heart shaped cookies, stacked and iced them.   I spent some time earlier in the week praying about one word I thought described each of my children. I wrote it on a paper heart and glued it on a brown paper Valentine bag. I felt like a grade school girl again, cutting paper hearts out of pretty (and cool for the boys) paper.    On the other side of the bag, I glued another heart with a scripture reference on it!   I put some cookies in each bag.
 I’m praying  my teens pay attention to the word and it sinks into the fertile ground of their hearts and grows in rich soil, not rocky ground. 
 I pray those scriptures stick in their mind and heart and remind them of the wonderful beings that they are!


1 thought on “Praying Circles Around your Children, Valentine’s Day

  1. what a neat idea!! I may have to steal this for next year!! 🙂

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