Time-saving Tuesday

Praying Circles Around your Children,The Mantra -part 2

Not sure what your mantra should be?  Are your children so young that you are just praying the snot dries up and they sleep through the night?  Don’t be discouraged.  The great thing about prayer mantras is they don’t take much energy.  You could leap around and yell them at the top of your lungs, but it is not required.

Mark Batterson shares a few to get started, here’s one:

“May you grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”- Luke 2:52

This has been one of my favorite prayer mantras for years.  It is the blue Gatorade for the sickness of foolishness.  The more foolish and disobedient my children behave in the natural, the more I pour on the prayer for wisdom.  Don’t take physical circumstances for the determiners of your child’s future.

“The Biblical position is clear — man cannot be explained as totally determined and conditioned — a position that built the concept of the dignity of man.  People today are trying to hang on to the dignity of man, and they do not know how to because they have lost the truth that man is made in the image of God.  He was an unprogrammed man, a significant man in a significant history, and he could change history.”

Francis A. Schaeffer, Escape from Reason
Your child can change history.  He is significant.  He has a hope and a future.  Even when you see the negative.  Circle the Word.  Pray your mantra.   If you are weary and worn out from night time feedings, changing diapers, doing dishes, folding laundry, preparing meals, God sees.  He knows.  Just say the Word.  He is there with you.  He may not relieve you of the circumstances, but He will bring you through.
Sometimes when a child is being particularly difficult, I say to myself, “God must have a really big plan for this one!”  Hold on.  Do not grow weary in well doing,  Sow now, reap later.

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