Friday Adoption Adventures

I enjoyed reading guest blogger, Susie Telesha’s post yesterday. (If you missed it, read it here).  Susie and I share a kindred spirit, our heart for adoption.  She doesn’t live near me. We don’t see each other often.  We mostly visit through social media and phone, but just knowing she is getting up every morning,  braving the trenches, experiencing the joy, heartbreaks, regression, progresses and seeing the answers to prayer in her life, encourage me.

We adoptive parents are a different breed.  We are not super parents, fastening our capes every morning and yanking shiny tights over our mighty muscles.  No, we are just a bunch of weaklings who decided to heed the call of our heart, to open our homes and hearts to children we did not know, but loved.  How supernatural is that?  God is the caped one, as if He needs it.  He calls us to do something beyond our ability, beyond our strength, beyond our imagining.  Each of adoptive parents take that first trembling step when we fill out paper work, arrange a home study, take adopt/foster classes.  We prophecy to others, “we’re adopting kids!”  We get varied reactions.  People call us saints (NO WAY!) or crazy.

We may be crazy, but isn’t any parent?  Who thinks they can handle raising kids when they start?  Who thinks they did an awesome job half-way through?  Be honest.  Not me.  I have days when I think, What have I gotten myself in to? Then I have days when I am flying, high above the clouds and think, this is the most wonderful glorious day in the universe!  On both sorts of days, I need community.  Susie is part of my community and so are you.  We adoptive parents can share our stories, our hopes, disappointments, prayers, medical dilemmas, joys and tears.  We understand each other.  We need each other.

I love the Message translation of Galatians 6:2a
Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed.  Share their burdens, and so complete Christ’s law….”

Let us bear one another’s burdens on this GREAT ADOPTION ADVENTURE!

*Susie Telesha’s son, Zachi Josiah Telesha, is in a battle of epic proportions with cancer and he is a super hero!   He has written a book and you can support him by ordering his book, Hero Up! (click on title to order)

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