Guest Bloggers- Heather and Timiy West

The sun was at the highest point in the day and was
determined to challenge us with its heat. We had traveled
several kilometers into the bush of Zambia, Africa on foot,
carrying only a Bible, a bottle of water, and a sandwich. We
were searching for someone to share God’s word with. The
paths before us were dirt and rock and flanked by briars and
tall grass. Green was a color unseen, and brittleness had
consumed every piece of vegetation. The terrain was unlike
any we had seen before and as we walked along, we tried to
envision all that surrounded us as once being full of life. The
riverbed that we had crossed was void of water, not a single
drop to be seen. The fields had been picked of their crops
and now stood void. The “shell” of this place showed no
sign of life. But as with each shell…there must be contents
in which it encases. In the distance we could see a hut and
the scent of burning filled our nostrils. What looked to be a
deserted home proved quite different, indeed.

     We were invited into this home as if we were family,
and treated so kindly. Our hearts were so overwhelmed
by the generosity of these people and the words that God
had given us to share with them. As we knelt at the feet of
the people, praying earnestly for salvation, healing and
direction, tears began to flow and drop one by one to the dry
earth below us. The tears of hope and joy now moistened
the earth, which was before void of life. New life was
promised to these beautiful people, by the one that created
them. As we to our feet and wiped the dirt from our knees,
we realized that God had called  us do this work for HIM,
to take HIS word to the nations. You see… there is no soul
that will go without hearing before God returns, and he has
commissioned us all to go. Some will stay close to home
and others will travel to the “Ends of the Earth”, but each will
go with Faith in knowing that HE has gone before and has
prepared the way.

      On May 7, 2013, our family, Tim and I am and our three
children Ethan, Mia, and Jordin, will board a plane and
begin a new journey in our ministry of missions. We will be
working with Overland Missions to reach full-time status. For
three months we will be trained in AMT (Advanced Mission
Training) which are courses that teach us  survival skills,
biblical theory , and evangelism. Upon completion of AMT,
we will then be able to step out full-time and return to Africa,
leading teams and claiming souls for the Kingdom of God.
God has called us to this foreign land and now we must fix
our eyes on HIM and GO.

       Please keep us in your prayers, as we are on this
journey. Please pray that each person, who hears the Word
of God, accepts him as their Savior.

Tim and Heather West

To learn more about Overland Missions, click here

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