Friday Adoption Adventures- Easter

Egghead update!

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They killed the Christ!

They killed the Christ, Mama!” Gregory whispered to me.
The lights on the stage lowered.  Lightening flashed.  Silence.  

It was my newbies’ first Easter Cantata and the church had gone all out for an historical reproduction.  A rough hewn wooden cross filled center stage and actor, Stan, hung on the cross wearing a crown of thorns and nails protruding from his feet and hands.  Blood streamed down his face.  

The Roman soldiers took Jesus down and laid him in a tomb.

“Mama, do we have to stay here for three days?” Gregory asked.

The four new Guires had only been ‘home’ for a few months. Their English was coming along.  I wasn’t sure they had ever heard the the history of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection and I didn’t want them to misinterpret the Cantata.  

After the production, Gregory insisted on seeing Jesus.  I ran back stage and quickly explained the situation to Stan.  He walked out with me and kneeled down in front of Gregory.  Gregory grabbed his hands and examined them, looking for the wounds.

Gregory prayed the salvation prayer that night.   He was six years old.  Such an awesome part of  his story.  I am so glad I was able to be a part of it!  

2 thoughts on “Friday Adoption Adventures- Easter

  1. Thanks, Maria! Ania's egghead had to be replanted but it is growing hair today!
    This is an amazing, powerful part of Gregory's story. When we adopted, Jerry and I wanted to lead our newbies to Christ, but we had no idea it would happen so quickly or that Gregory would grasp the message of the cross with his limited English. God transcends language barriers.

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