Get Your Aprons On

It’s time for spring cleaning!  Let’s read through


 with fellow bloggers, Tracey and Charli!  You can purchase here.  Follow their facebook page
Get Your Aprons On!

Week 1
Day 1: What is my home mission statement? Why do I 
want a clean home?
Plan for your cleaning – gather supplies, ect.

Day 2: What can I do to add life to my home?
Clean the fridge and freezer.

Day 3: What makes my family feel loved when caring for 
our home?
Clean tops of fridge and cabinets

Day 4: Invite a friend over.
Clean my oven and microwave.

Day 5: Make a list of family priorities (from 1-5)
Wash kitchen curtains and inside of windows.

Day 6: Make my six list.
Clean the kitchen cabinets

Day 7: Read Romans 8:21
Organize the pantry.

I jumped ahead and wrote my mission statement.  It is pretty simple. 

All are welcome.

Why do I want to clean my home?  I want my family, friends and random visitors to feel welcome.  I have been in clean homes where I could cut the tension with a knife.  I have been in cluttered homes where I felt welcome and loved, but couldn’t find a place to sit.  I like clean. I like organized.  I LOVE comfortable.  I want people to feel at home,  fall- asleep- on -the -couch at home.  Make- yourself- a- peanut- butter- sandwich at home.
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2 thoughts on “Get Your Aprons On

  1. I jumped ahead and went thru my cabinets. I was amazed that I had a full garbage bag full of expired spices and foods! LOL! I may do the apron challenge bit by bit, but i may not do the entire thing nor in order, bc it would stress me out! LOL! Good luck!! I like your mission statement…I think that would be mine too. A homey feeling, but not cluttery. 😉

  2. I am doing the cleaning bit by bit also. I cleaned out my fridge and pantry already. I took pictures of after, forgot before. I am not sure if I am going to post them because of our blog hop! Thanks!

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