How Same-Sex Marriage Threatens Adoption- Rebuttal

This rebuttal is in response to the litany of comments on facebook my post last week sparked.

Adoption is God’s idea, not ours.  He foreordained us, destined for us to be adopted.  John Piper does a stellar job of explaining it.

We can thank Christianity for adoption.  Before the birth of Christ, life was cheap.  Roman infants were not entitled to be part of the family unless the father chose so.  Infants were left on high places to die of exposure.  Abortion was freely practiced.

Abortion disappeared in the early Church.  Infanticide and abandonment disappeared.  The cry went out to bring the children to Church.  Foundling homes, orphanages, and nursery homes were started to house the children. These new practices, based on this higher view of life, helped to create a foundation in Western civilization for an ethic of human life that persists to this day-although it is currently under attack.”- Kennedy and Newcombe, What if Jesus Had Never Been Born

Adoption is a by-product of the sanctity of human life.  

The point of my first post is that same-sex marriage threatens adoption and it does. If all of the Christian adoption agencies must close their doors because they choose to follow their own convictions rather than the government’s long arm, then CHILDREN WILL SUFFER.  Foster children, orphans and social orphans will suffer.  The agencies will not be there and guess who will house all adoptions?  The government.

Why do people who don’t believe in the Biblical definition of marriage want to participate in it?  Changing the definition of marriage and giving control to the government will not change it according to God. Big government means little freedom.  If the government takes away the rights of Christian agencies, counseling services, and foster homes, guess who is next?  Historically, if one people group is suppressed or controlled by the government, more will follow.  You can’t have  more government and more freedom. It doesn’t work.  Who will suffer?  The children.

Let’s delve into one of the many facebook comments.  Let’s say a conservative, moral gay couple adopts a child. (Gays already adopt, that is not the issue).  They decide they love the adoption process and open up their own agency.  A male pedophile applies to adopt two young males.  Assuming the Biblical definition of marriage has been set aside, they cannot refuse or the government will step in and close their agency.  It’s a slippery slope.

Like I said, gay bashing is not the issue.  Gays can marry.  It’s called a civil union.  It’s a contract.  Why change the definition of Biblical marriage for those who do believe it?  So Christian’s freedom can be taken away? So other people groups think they will escape the long arm of the government when they cry, “MORE government!”

Historically, what happened when government steps into our personal lives?

Abortion legalized- infants murdered.
God is kicked out of school- children suffer as school violence escalates, the moral foundation of education crumbles, truth is relative
Mandated health care- Christian companies are forced to supply employees with birth control, children suffer once again

What does the loss of these freedoms feel like?  It feels like the unborn are unprotected.  It feels like those ones which Jesus said to,”Suffer little children to come unto me,” are being set aside for an agenda.  The agenda?  Personal peace.  A false personal peace where relativism reigns and there is no absolute truth. Big government does not mean peace.  It means more control over private lives. In the quest for personal peace, children suffer.  Orphans suffer.  Social orphans suffer.  Foster children suffer.  Many of them were orphaned and abandoned by someone’s  pursuit of personal peace.  What about the children?


4 thoughts on “How Same-Sex Marriage Threatens Adoption- Rebuttal

  1. Wow! I never would of looked at this from this perspective! Thanks for posting this, my eyes are opened a little bit more!! (Of course you know my views on the subjects, but I never tied the two of them together, I saw them both as separate issues.) Good blog!

  2. Thanks, Selena. I read it. Great post! Similar to my upcoming frustration post-that homeschooling produces perfect Christian children- is a myth. Children choose. We don't control them.

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