Slow Down- What’s the hurry?- Wisdom for Wednesday

“Did you get any rest today?”  Jerry asked me Labor day evening.
“Not really, I should have.”
My body had hit the proverbial brick wall.  Too many week day and weekend activities had clobbered me and my reeked havoc on my immune system.

 I’d been reading Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families by Ann Kroeker, but I seemed to be speeding up, not slowing down.  What’s up with that?

I tried several times to write this post today and it just wasn’t happening.  I didn’t have time or I sounded to preachy.  Too hypocritical.  How could I tell you how to apply the lofty wisdom I dispensed (as handed to me by Ann, of course) if I couldn’t apply one iota of it myself.

As I sat here henpecking my post, it dawned on me like a clear summer morn, I couldn’t apply by my flesh what I am learning in the Spirit.  My mind is being renewed.  I had to chew, meditate, hunker down and think on the words, the thoughts, the ideas.  Here are some questions I am asking myself-

  • What’s the hurry?
  • What are you racing towards?
  • Are you run BY your schedule?
Ann Kroeker says:
“But, maybe we’re getting nowhere-trapped on treadmills, like proverbial hamsters scrambling inside their wheels?”  
Sometimes I feel like a hamster.  How about you?  It takes brain power to slow down, jump off the treadmill and watch.  Settle into the moment.  Breathe.  Think.  When is there time to think in our harried hectic schedule?
What do you think?  If you are reading along with me, what are your thoughts?  
My posty-note this week?
What’s the hurry?

I am going to keep asking myself that over and over.  I will record my answer and share it with you in a later post.  Will you share with me?

2 thoughts on “Slow Down- What’s the hurry?- Wisdom for Wednesday

  1. Good questions to ponder!! I am not reading this book but I may pick it up after I finish my current two…I very much struggle in this area. Of course homeschooling (I thought) would help me with this…but a lot of what I'm learning is saying “No” to good things to ensure I get the rest I need. And to not answer my phone if I'm taking some much needed time out. It's ok…I have voicemail! ha ha. As always you inspire me, and I will be praying that you get the rest you need too!

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