Joy in the midst of hurry?

As I continued my study –Product Detailsthis week, I have discovered something about myself!   Wonderful epiphany!  Glorious revelation.  An insight worth writing down and reminding myself of often!
Here it is:
Once I choose NOT to hurry in a time-pressured situation, then I am able to do things quickly without a hurried heart. 
Does that make sense?  I didn’t know it was possible for me.  I usually turn into robotic woman- devoid of feelings and as fast as the bionic woman (you young ones will have to google her) when I have multiple tasks to complete in a short time frame.  
The other day with several errands on my plate after a day of homeschooling, a library and two store runs ending with swim practice had me tense at the get go.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I reminded myself.  Slow down, a new maxim for me, what’s the hurry?  How do I not hurry and hurry at the same time.  I signed to my new (In)courage group and read the lesson.
“Everything if given to God can become your gateway to joy.”- Elisabeth Elliot
Our assignment- Do the next thing.
I like to think.  I put these all down on paper, hurriedly mind you, and thought, okay, Lord how do these mesh with what you have been teaching me about slowing down.  How is joy found in the midst of a errand storm?  How is joy found in the middle of my tense shoulders? 

Later, that day, my kids and I took off at the speed of light, our superhero capes picking up as we soared to the library.  My kids conversed with the Professor (as they call him) who seems to live at the library.  I interrupted their conversation.  (WE have to GO my mind screamed, but I prayed a milli-second prayer).
“I don’t mean to be rude, sir, but we have to leave.  We have a tight schedule today.  I would love to stay and chat, but me must go.”
He smiled, “Of course,  I will see you next time.”
That was easy enough.  No robotic woman.  Peace in the midst of hurry.  On to the store.  How will I handle this one, Lord without a tension headache?  Twenty minutes and counting down.  As I practically ran at break neck speed through the aisle with my eye scanning the shelf for salsa verde, I asked the Lord, how do I not hurry when I am in a hurry?  Smile.  Take a deep, puff-out-my-belly-breath.  Whew, I round the corner, smile in place and BOOM-a smile back. I made second of connection with another human being.  I feel frozen in time.  Hurry on the outside, not the in.  Warmth flooded my heart.  I rushed to the cash register to be greeted by a long line.  I can wait. Smile at the cashier.  Late is not the end of the world or my Christianity.  Losing my peace, my temper, snapping at my children or strangers is sin.  Then comes guilt and loss of a good witness.
Ann Kroeker shares:
“What are we passing on to the next generation- a legacy of love and service, practiced in a family that lives slow enough to take notice and respond?  Or are we modeling a life of hypocrisy, passing along nothing more powerful than the importance of arriving on time, as we call out, “Hurry!  There’s no time for that- we’ve got to go!””
Joy CAN be found in the midst of the circumstances, but it is a choice. It must be sought.  Joy and unbelief cannot co-exist.  Complaining and thankfulness are polar opposites- one repels the other.  I cannot walk in the fruit of the Spirit and the fruit of the flesh at the same time.  The flesh says hurry on the inside and the outside at the same time.  The flesh does not look for the connection of the human spirit or that quiet contemplation that can reside inside despite the outward circumstances. 
We were ten minutes late for swimming.  The lesson was worth it.  I can hurry on the outside while slowing down on the inside and seeking the Lord and His JOY.
* For of you who live in the area-  Don’t forget!  Positive Adoption meets this Saturday, September 28 at 9:30 at Trinity Assembly of God!  Please join us!

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