Five Minute Friday- Release

Five Minute Friday

My hands clench.  My breath comes in spurts.  Pressure pushed on my chest.  Hard.  I look down at clenched hands and wonder, why?  What or who is chasing me?  FEAR.

Fear follows me, my constant companion.  Am I good enough?  Will I do this right?  What if I mess up?  What if I fail?  What if something goes wrong?  

And it will.  Things do wrong.  Sometimes I mess up.  I fail.  

But, more often than not, fear is the taunter that never measures up.  He tells me the worst and sometimes the best happens.  He tells me people won’t forgive and they will.  He tells me God doesn’t love me and He does.  He tells me that God will leave me and He doesn’t.  God will not relax His hold on me, assuredly not.  

Why do I listen to fear?  Why do I let him suck the life breath out of me?  It it a habit?  Is he my idol?  I didn’t used to think that the master spirit could be my idol but in order to to move forward I must RELEASE old habits and ideas.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday- Release

  1. Hi Kathleen, we neighbors today at five minute Friday, I dont believe thats a coincidence. Your post expresses exactly what I been dealing with this week. Your words echo the same things I am feeling, fear has debilitated me for so many years that today I was just tired of it. I got a wonderful event on tomorrow and yet fear convinces me that it will all fail and everyone will look at me and laugh, I even had a bad dream about it. Talk about crazy and so we move on and hope that we will make it through, I believe God can cure this and He can help this, I pray for it so much! Aliyah (

  2. Nice to meet you. Glad to be neighbors. I know that feeling, fear telling you the worst instead of the best. I have been trying to tell myself the opposite of what it tells me, such as “what if I have a great time?”. I learned this from Holley Gerth in her book You're Going to be Okay. I just ran out of time. Five minutes is not a lot, but a great discipline, huh? I will be praying for you because we seem to be in the same boat, Aaliyah.

  3. This post mirrors my own thoughts, Kathleen! It is true tho, we must release these fears and thoughts to God! I'm reading a new book too, “Living Beyond Your Feelings” by Joyce Meyer. I'm only a couple chapters in, but immediately she talks about releasing these feelings over to God. Of course that's not always easy, but I think as we do it more and more it will come more and more natural for us to run immediately to God when fear and negative emotions strike! I'll be praying for you too! and you can pray for me! 🙂

  4. Maria, I wonder how many women struggle with fear. It seems as if many do, but we can't tell just by looking at someone, right? Yes, we need to pray for one another. Sounds like I need to read Joyce's book too! Blessings!

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