Lost- Five Minute Friday

LOSTFive Minute Friday

All who wander are not lost.- J.R.R. Tolkien

Man’s mind plans his way but the Lord directs his steps.  How many times have I thought I was going the wrong direction?  How many times have I thought I was lost.  I’m not talking about salvation.  Just direction. Am I doing the right thing at the right time?  Am I lost?  Did I hear you wrong, Lord?

Then He shows me.  Blatantly.  Bright Light.

The other day after shopping and a doctor’s appointment, I stopped in a clothing store I’d never been in.Did not know it was there.  Ran into an old friend.  She showed me some great travel clothes.  My mind blurred tired from too many activities in one day.  Hmm. I need to leave.  Need to move on.

And then-she asked me.  About adoption.  Could she talk to me about adoption.  I wasn’t lost.  God knew exactly where I needed to be. Right there. STOP

6 thoughts on “Lost- Five Minute Friday

  1. You have a beautiful family. 🙂 I love it when God makes it so blatantly obvious that we are right where He wants us. Even when we have no clue! God bless!

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