Wisdom for Wednesday

I’m linking up with the Holley and all her blogging friends today for an encouraging word!

Dear Parent,

I don’t know you yet.  You don’t know me, well maybe you have a picture of me in your heart.  Maybe it’s more of a longing. You have ideas of me.  Waking you up in the morning to make pancakes. My tousled head peeking over the side of your bed. You see me in your dreams.  I twirl. Or I play catch. When you go to park, you watch other families and there is a still small voice in your head saying “Adopt”. Do it. Start the process. Make the call. Fill out the papers. Don’t wait.

When you watch the news, your heart is pierced. You dream of a country with no orphans. You dream of a home full of children who are loved, connected and well fed. You dream of children who know a savior who died for them. You dream of children who have an earthly home and a forever home. 

You can do it. Take the first step. You are more courageous than you know.  You can go the adoption agency. You can. You might cry. It’s okay. I’m worth it. You can get on that plane. You can. I’m waiting.

Your Child

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