God Makes Things Grow

I’m linking up with Holley Gerth today, hop on onto her site for more encouragement!

Dear Friend,
Some of us plant.  Some of us water.  It is God who gives the growth.  If you are struggling, tired of wrestling with an adopted child who is stuck in survival mode, remember, GOD makes things grow.If you have to do the right thing ten thousand times, don’t give up. Remember, his behaviors are not the fault of your parenting. He had parents before. His original parents may have abandoned him. Someone along the way did. The orphanage may have taught him to depend on himself because there was not enough. Not enough. That is a hard idea to shed.  Not enough hugs. Not enough food for bellies. Not enough warm clothing on arctic winter nights. Not enough words of approval.
Now you plant seeds of attachment. You encourage with words of approval. Kindness. Faithfulness. Goodness. All the while you see playing as if on a ticker tape in his brain, NOT ENOUGH.
Be patient. Wait. Just as a seed bursts forth in the dark soil, alone, the seed will burst with tiny leaves. The progress may be slow. Watch for it as a watchman watches for the morning. The sun rises slowly, I love you, Mom.  I’m sorry. Thank you.
It is God who makes things grow.  Don’t become weary in well doing. Don’t give up!

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