Family Vacation

Our Cabin in the Woods.
The Guire Family Vacation.
Rafal taking the kayak out on the lake. Toddler-Lucy trying to jump aboard.  Quick save by Mom-Audrey.

Part of the cabin before we dumped all of our stuff on the table and made it messy.
Two cousins, Cecilia and Lucy playing!
After dinner stroll around the lake.
Sam and Theo enjoying dinner on the deck.
A walk in the field with dad-Adam.  What’s a dad to do? 
The Lake of Shining Waters. (Anne of Green Gables)
Rafal taking off in the kayak.
There were campfires and s’mores.
Late night scrabble games.
Guitar playing and singing (son-in-law, Seth).
Violin playing and squeaking (that was me. I’m a lot rusty). Daughter-Amerey played beautifully.
Hikes.  So many hikes. 
Bear tracks.
Jumping in the lake off a diving board.
Talking. Talking. Talking.
A visit to an old Schoolhouse.
Late night run to Walmart.
Chore charts.
These photos were taken by me.
The real camp photographer? Ania. She has more than 500 photos.
Ania took the action shots of all the older kids jumping off the diving board. Canoeing. Kayaking and the like.
I jumped too!

2 thoughts on “Family Vacation

  1. Wow, that looks so peaceful, Kath! I can't believe how big Sam and Theo are now! They look like little boys instead of babies. 🙂 And Lucy's long hair! And Cecelia's blue eyes! You are blessed!

  2. Selena, I am blessed. Yes they are growing. Oh, I left puzzles off the list. Sam and Theo love to do big puzzles. I feel bad because I don't have any pictures of my other kids swimming and jumping off the dive. Ania has all of those on her camera.

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