Five Minute Friday: Finish

Five Minute Friday: Finish
Five Minute Friday

There are many questions in the adoption realm.  Many of them have to do with the word finish.

  • Did you finish your adoption/foster classes?
  • Did you finish your homestudy?
  • Did you finish the INS forms?
  • Did you finish the background check?
  • Did you finish your paperwork?
  • Did you finish your travel plans?
So many things to check off the list.  I am a list checker. A list maker.  I love post it notes stuck all over the calendar- planning my life away.  Adoption isn’t really like that though. It isn’t finished.  It was finished. Before the foundation of the world when God, the Father actually picked us out, chose us as His own. He checked it off his posty-note list.  Done.  He already chose your children.  He already finished it.  All of those check marks on the page won’t change that.  It is the work of faith, those forms.  The title deed.

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Finish

  1. Kathleen, I love how you always go back to how God chose and adopted us! The heart of adoption is one we all know, and your words remind me of that over and over again. Beautiful. Thank you, friend!

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