You’re A God-sized Dreamer

I started reading Holley’s book:

AGAIN.  I started reading it last year and didn’t finish. Hmmm. Why?  I know I am made for a God-sized dreams and so are you.  Maybe it’s because each time I started the book, I experienced circumstances. Circumstances can dictate our lives if we let them.  They limit. They order us around.  Until we realize, controlling our circumstances is not our goal.  Trusting that God is in control is.  The work that we are to do? Believe.When God puts a desire in your heart, a dream to further His kingdom, trust Him to make it come to pass. 
Next to me on my desk is an old, green, tattered file folder full of documents in Polish, reminders of a God-sized dream God brought to pass in my life.  It’s a stack of faith, filled with old ink and paper, old names in faded type. New names on newer documents.  I hauled the file out the other day when my son said he needed proof of his citizenship. My husband picked through old documents issued by a court half way across the world until he found the ones issued here in our county court house. A God-sized dream stamped by a court and approved by a judge.  Nothing I could have done could have made that possible.But, with God, nothing is impossible.
I have new God-sized dreams now. I’m sure you have some, too.  I also have limitations. Paul called them weaknesses.  I have a stack of those.  I have weaknesses in my body. I think I stopped reading Holley’s book the first time because I felt too weak.  Turns out weakness is a good thing.  Weakness is where God takes over. In my weakness, He is strong. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me doesn’t mean I can run a marathon, maybe that’s what it means for you (Philippians 4:11-13).  For me, it means whatever God puts before me, I can do with His Strength.  That’s what it means for you and whatever your God-sized dream is.
I am a God-sized dreamer. So are you.  What is your God-sized dream?

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