Empowered to Connect Conference

As we headed home after the Empowered to Connect Conference, my husband and I confessed our sins one to another.  As we crossed the Shenandoah, we examined our parenting through the lens of the conference material.  We picked at old scabs and promised to help heal them. After twenty-some years of raising children adopted and bio, we aren’t perfect.
Then we stopped at daughter Audrey’s.

Audrey and I were in the kitchen gabbing over coffee while she washed dishes. One by one the twins came in with a complaint, request or whine. 
I watched my wonderful daughter, pause for each child, squat down to their level and calmly say, “Use your words.” 
The child calmed to her touch and spoke the request.
Not just once. 
Not twice.
Over and over and over.
Jerry and I got back in the car and headed back over the mountains.
“Where did she learn that, Jerry?”
“She learned that from you!” he answered.
Friends, let’s talk about what we are doing right instead of hyper focusing on what we are doing wrong! Let’s say ‘yes’ to ourselves. God is healing each of us and our hurt children too. Let’s encourage one another in the things we do.  Put those negatives on the back burner. Stop picking the scab and let it heal.
Join me next time for “What Are We doing Right?”

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