What are we doing RIGHT?

Last week I promised to blog about what we parents are doing right. Husband Jerry and I were on an Empowered to Connect Conference high most of last weekend until we started the drive home.

Then then we began to ‘confess our sins one to another’. Each of us took turns listing all the ways we could have been a better parent. Do you find yourself in that boat? Do you constantly examine your parenting and when you find a new book, video or blog- you put your parenting under the negative microscope?

If so, you are not alone.  I have ridden that bandwagon far too long. Let’s hop off together and head in a positive direction. I’m not talking about covering conviction with sugar-coated fake positive-isms. I’m talking about examining our parenting under the light of the Word. Let’s examine the ‘whatever is true, whatever is good, whatever has virtue, good report’ and think on these things.  What sorts of actions can you give yourself a good report on? Moms don’t often ask themselves this question. Moms usually hyper focus on what they did wrong. We are like ancient monks crawling on hands and knees for penance. If we think we have done a good job we feel guilty for thinking it. What? Why? Where did this false humility come from?

 It’s okay to be happy when we do the right thing. It is okay to have a sense of satisfaction. It is that sense of satisfaction that drives us to do the next good deed. Remember the morning you made homemade waffles for breakfast and the kids loved them? Or when you took them on the afternoon hike and stopped and listened every few feet when a child stopped to examine something? Remember when you spread the blanket out on the back deck and hauled a TV and popcorn out so the kids could have a drive-in? Remember when you let the kids set up a tent in the family room for two days? Or you let them jump in a mud puddle just because?

What is it about these events that make them good?  Is it the human effort? Is it the money spent? The right outfit worn? The best organic ingredients? No.
 Time is the substance of connection. 
“Once physical needs for clothing, food and shelter are met, it is far more beneficial to share activities together than to give a child gifts and be stingy with time. By giving children our focus and time, we demonstrate their value and plant the seeds of caring and relationships.”-The Connected Child

We are doing something right when we take the time to connect with our children. The Father thought connection was so important that He sent His Son to spend thirty-three years on the earth to get it back. He took the time. He spent the time on us to reconnect us with the Father. Connection with Him. That is what the Father desires. It is what fills our God-sized hole. It is what our children desire. We fill their need for connection so they in time can turn to the connection-maker.
What are you doing right today?
I am blogging for Show Hope on Wednesday!  Join me! I’ll be answering the question-Why do I care for orphans?

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