Five Minute Friday::Notice


i squealed out of the driveway, late, only to whip it into drive and zoom back down. Left the front lights on. I yanked the keys out and jerked the car door open with my shoulder, “be right back, need to do something!” I yelled over my shoulder while my son asked what he could do to help from the passenger seat. “Nothing! I got this!”

We were on the way to a Thanksgiving feast to celebrate. I was running late and had spent the morning scurrying around trying to get the house perfect for the potential buyers who were touring while we were out.

I got to the first stop sign in our neighborhood and tapped the brake, before I sailed through. Then, I noticed her. My elderly neighbor pushing his walker through soggy grass towards her mail box. I kept going. The ice. I saw the ice. Around the mailbox. She would walk there. I don’t want to stop, Lord, I am in a hurry. I have had a lot on my plate lately. 

I jerked the car into reverse. I had noticed. I couldn’t let her get hurt. I could see her, in my mind’s eyes, slipping, shattering bones. My aunt had just fallen and broken her hip the week before. I backed haphazardly and jumped out of the car saying, “I don’t want you to slip! It’s icy out here.”

“I know, they should do something about that! Thank you!”

I handed her the mail and got back in the car.

“You did your good deed for the day, Mom,” my son said.

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday::Notice

  1. Whew, what a thing to notice! I so understand that feeling of, “Not another thing to attend to right now…” and the humbling wash of gratitude, often, when I do. Grateful for no slips and falls for this beautiful neighbor…

    1. Yes, rushing and attending to the everyday can wear me out. I need to stop and yes, there was a ‘humbling rush of gratitude’! I needed it! Blessings!

  2. Bless you for not only noticing, but for doing. A kind deed is so much more important than most of the stuff we think is important. Our children need to see us make time to notice and help others, or they will not know how to show kindness. Life can be such a rush to get it all done we miss the greatest chance to do the smallest things which are indeed our greatest accomplishments.

  3. Everytime I’m in a big in a big way, the Lord always slows me down. One of us or all in the car end up learning some special lesson, like your case helping an elderly lady in need. Blessings. Remember to smell the roses as you wheeze by a rose bush…a sweet reward in the end. 🙂

  4. Oh, if only we were all so conscious that we should do the right thing… set such a good example to your son. Good on you. [Would it be OK if I linked up to your post from the Kindness Counts Fridays series I’m hosting on my blog (this Friday)…?] A fellow FMF-er…..

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