25 Days of Survival Tips: Count down to Christmas, Day 2

51695-img_00582. Remember the waiting.

When I was growing up, the Christmas holiday was anticipated with butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t wait for school to be over, to be home, to sit in front of the Christmas tree on a magical night listening to Christmas music on the stereo. Wonderful. For the first forty-five minutes. Then there was the waiting. The time where nothing was happening for the kids, but the adults were buzzing around delivering fruit baskets, choir rehearsals, shopping, baking things we were not allowed to eat. It was the go-in-the-other-room and wait times that put a damper on the Christmas holiday. Remember, waiting is difficult for children. Children in survival mode feel more lost with sitting around waiting for some day in the future. Relieve the waiting with some simple activities. Make time to do some of the things you did before December took over.

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