25 Days of Survival Tips: Count down to Christmas, Day 9

51695-img_0058Tip 9- Try to stick to a schedule as much as possible.

I’m sitting in my office, drinking a cup of coffee and finishing off a brownie. The oven is heating taquitos. Our schedule has been off lately and I think I have turned into the kid. Dessert first along with a constant supply of coffee. Hmmm. Can you imagine how the children feel when schedules change and their bodies are in sugar shock? Makes it hard to function. My youngest just read an email from his creative writing teacher reminding him that he has an assignment to turn in this week. He missed the class last week for good reason- family in town for the Scrooge production. This week we need to get back on track, school and other wise before the next wave of Christmas celebration.

I know, it is difficult. This month we end up eating many sweets, staying out late, and running, running, running. Stick to a few schedule rules so things don’t fall apart. Bedtime routines. Advent readings ( I am behind on those). Dinner at the table as often as possible. Any regular routine that you can keep, do it. This adds security. This adds boundaries so things don’t  get out of control and kids don’t feel out of control.

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