25 Days of Survival Tips: Count down to Christmas, Day 11

51695-img_0058Tip 11-

Plan a rest day.

Things are hectic during the Christmas season. Christmas parties. Extra church services. Concerts. Plays. Cookie days. Everyone gets cranky and tired. It is inevitable. You are in control of the schedule, so make sure you plan a rest day now and then. It is worth it. Sit around. Watch Christmas movies. Stay in your pjs. Shop online instead of bundling up and going out. Make hot chocolate and roast marshmallows on the fire. Remember the season isn’t made better by running around and seeing who can do the most, be the most or go to the most church events.  The season is made better by resting in the one who made all things. The Word who was present at the beginning took on the guise of sinful flesh. He knew what it was to feel tired, to feel cold, to be pressed upon by the demands of life. Jesus slipped away from the crowd to refresh Himself. He rested. While we anticipate His birthday, it okay to pull away from the demands of life, refresh and rest.

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