Five Minute Friday:: Send


I opened the red front door and watched my daughter drive away to her new life. The remains of her wedding littered the front lawn. The huge white canopy. Bright colored fiesta ware with pieces of carrot wedding cake strewn across the tables. Some of the guests moved inside to escape the heat. Children race around the house chasing puppies, happy to be free of the restraints of sitting still and being good.

Send- my children into the world with what? All the years of our lives intertwined. All the days. The hours. the memories. The books read aloud. The discussions. The meals. Day after day. The laundry. The cleaning skills. The organization. The arguments.  The days gone wrong weaved into the days gone right.

1935107_1203126727925_6956380_n Audrey's wedding

Was it enough? Yes, It is always enough when Jesus is part of the growing up. We plant seeds. He waters. We watch. We see the growth. We enjoy the harvest. We send it out for others to enjoy  and enjoy it ourselves.

15885068112_8832d58807_oLinking up with Five Minute Friday!

Five-Minute-Friday-4Want to read a bit more on the subject of family? Check out Lynn Cowell’s post today- How to Raise Perfect Children

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday:: Send

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, too, recently: what it is I want my children to receive from me, from life when they are under my care, and hence what I’ll send them out in to the world with….loved your post….

    1. Thank you. I think we tend to stress about things we cannot control while our children are growing and forget that if we do our job-planting the seeds, He will make them grow. 🙂

  2. Yes. It’s our parent-prayer. Daily. Have we done enough? Did we short-cut? Have we provided the tools? Have we equipped them to make the right choices? Oh Father, carry our kids into your Kingdom!

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