Five Minute Friday:: Share


Share is the word. Get our your stop watch. Write for five minutes. No stopping. No editing. Go! Sometimes I close my eyes and just type, so that’s an option. Be sure to check out Kate Motaung and the link party here.

The blogosphere has opened up a whole new world to us moms and sisters. We have access to each other and words of encouragement at the drop of a hat. We simply log in and tada- there it is. Words shared. Words  lighten our load.


Encourage us when we are weary. To say, “Hey me too”. You are not alone.

As long as we share the real us. It is tempting to be fake super heroes. To pur our best foot forward and say. I have it all together. to say. Look at me. Wish your could get it all together then we could be friends. Maybe go our of a virtual cup of coffee. Then no one gets healing. No one gets a hand up our of the pit.

1935107_1203126727925_6956380_n Audrey's wedding

Share only works if we tell the truth. Not the ugly complaining, whining truth, but the truth that heals. I am suffering. I know what it is like. I have been there. Experience is the cousin of  ministering healing . We don’t heal with platitudes or sappy sayings.

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday:: Share

  1. “Truth that heals.” I resonate with that phrase. It is a wonderful reminder of how we can direct our words–especially in our sharing. If only there could be popup that would come just before we publish a post or comment online that asked, “Are those words truth that heals?”
    In the face-to-face world, a filter of “healing truth” would be awesome.
    I’m visiting from FMF.

    1. I know! I hesitated about this post, because I did not want to sound too preachy. I decided truth is better. We all want healing truth!

  2. I hear you, girl. Healing is a long, long (I’d actually argue *continuous*) journey (for I don’t believe pain like the pain many of us feel ever goes away, I believe it just kind of morphs in to something we learn to accommodate)….I’m sorry to hear your pain, and hope your journey to accommodation is a relatively short one…..[totally with you on the power of the blogosphere to bring comfort]

    1. Yes and we learn a new normal. Just Renner to enjoy the gifts in the journey. You are one of those gifts.

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