Five Minute Friday:: Wait

Five Minute Friday:: Wait

The assignment: Read the prompt. Write for five minutes. No editing. Well, use spell check when finished, I do. Then post, share,link up! Join Kate Motaung and all the ladies who link. Then grab a cup of coffee and read! Hop around the links. Meet someone new!



We sow the seeds. We wait for the harvest. That harvest is long in coming. We sow in tears and awake in joy. We sow seeds of the Word and wait for the generous outpouring of grace. We wait. We fill out the paperwork. We touch paper with ink. We wait. We look at orphan photos or swelling bellies. We wait…..

Waiting seems to be the theme of our lives doesn’t it? Waiting like the farmer. What do we do while we wait?


We have always had a garden. I have some idea of what you do while you wait. You weed.  You hoe the rows. Get the soil aerated. Make sure weeds don’t choke out the baby plants. You make sure the life that sprung up doesn’t get walked on trampled on by booted humans. You tread lightly. You rejoice and call everyone to the garden when you see that green round pumpkin appear from the flower that was there or cucumbers small and green sprout from the vine.


So while you wait watch for the weeds of doubt. Pull up the weeds that threaten to choke out the word. Water with the Word often. Air the soil out with sisters, talking, laughing. STOP


Confession to all the #fmfparty tweeters. I try to join you. I really do. I think I tweeted to a few people a few weeks ago before 10:00, but I just can’t seem to keep my eyes open until the magic hour! Blessings!

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday:: Wait

  1. Hi Kathleen,

    Coming here from FMF. Yes, we all have to wait, to get the fruits.

    My grandpa sowed a mango seed and after many years, I reaped very fine mangoes, and get them every year, now.

    This wouldn’t have been possible without waiting. Patience does pay. Thanks for the post.

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