Five Minute Friday::When

Five Minute Friday::When

Instructions: Get the prompt. Set the timer for five minutes and write. Just write. Go to the link up at Kate Motaung’s site here and join. Read and comment. Enrich your Friday with some new friends and ideas!


When I was a tiny girl, all freckled and toe-headed, I sat on the warm sidewalk outside our home and thought, thought, thought about the expanse of the universe until my brain hurt, I couldn’t imagine what was out there in the darkness beyond the planets. It mad me feel miniscule, insignificant and not there.


Like a speck of dust in Horton Hears a Who.

But,  that SPECK WASN’T just a SPECK. It wasn’t true.

I shook that feeling off when Mom walked us kids across the street to the park (Anne, Robert and me). I was a child again. WHEN I forgot about my WHO and I enjoyed BEING ME at the same time. I grinned for the photographer and the reporter on this first day of spring and forgot my last name when he needed one for the caption. I wasn’t embarrassed. (I”m sure my momma was when it was on the front page the next day).

I was a child. Enjoying childhood. Enjoying BEING.


WHEN do you enjoy BEING?

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday::When

  1. Hi! Visiting from FMF… Your post resonated with me… to me ‘being’ is daily… it’s living in each moment as I watch my children grow. ‘Being’ is taking some quiet time and talking to God. ‘Being’ is admiring my husband when he makes me laugh every day. ‘Being’ is writing and reflecting on what the Lord has laid upon my heart. ‘Being’ is being me-for all that Jesus strengthens and teaches me to be.

    1. You are so right, Shanon. I love your words on being especially ‘writing and reflecting on what the Lord has laid upon my heart’. I need to write to process things too! Blessings!

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