Five Minute Friday:: Gather


Five Minute Friday with Kate Motaung.

Get the prompt. Set the timer for five minutes and write. No editing. Just write. Click on the Link and join the party!  Add your link and visit others. Make some  new friends!

I messaged a few friends. Texted one. Talked to Daughter Audrey while checking email. We women like to connect. We like to gather around a table or a computer and talk. And it is good. If we being to isolate,  we start to stink- like a fungus. Bitterness grows. Depressing thoughts move in and camp out on the couch of our minds. They flatten the pillows and take the remote. Suddenly everyone or everything is better in someone else’s life.. That home on the show you watch is so much more appealing than your own. And look at her perfect figure. Her lipstick.


When hubby comes home, we dump. Vomit our complaints. Like Eve telling Adam to take the apple, it’s not enough. We don’t have enough. WE need to be more like._______.


And then, we gather with other gals and like Emily Dickinson says and C.S. Lewis echoes, Oh you too? Or me too? That is how friendships begin. We women need one another. We balance and check one another. We filter. We counsel. We encourage and next thing you know, all is right with our little world. And when hubby comes home, we snuggle up and tell him so.

Gathering is good. Stop

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday:: Gather

  1. Absolutely! We need each other – that holy perspective, or humbling perspective. Let’s never forget it. Great post, and thank you.

  2. Gathering is very good. I really enjoyed this today. I have a couple of friends that we text each other all the time. One lives in a nearby city, one lives out in the county, and I am here in town. I haven’t heard from them in a few days although I’ve sent them messages, and those negative thoughts do creep in. I needed to hear this today. Joining you from FMF.

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