Praying Circles around Your Children- Yard Walking

When I’m pressed for time and cannot get in a full-fledged walk, I walk around my yard.  Usually when I yard- walk, I listen to my Ipod, a podcast or blast Mary Mary to get me moving.  Yesterday, I listened to a podcast, then thought, I am going to circle my house!


“There is nothing magical about physically circling something in prayer, but there is something biblical about it.  The Israelites circled the city of Jericho until the wall came down.”- Mark Batterson

I headed up the hill to my front yard and walked the perimeter, praying for my home and family. I felt as if I were doing something historic, powerful, holy.  I set a walk-like-you-mean-it pace and prayed out loud.  Could my neighbors see me? Probably.  Hear me?  If they wanted.  It didn’t matter.  Word just poured out of me.  I am my family’s Herald.

Since we  started this study, my prayers have been more purposeful.   I am not as vague and thoughtless.  Definitely God.  Scriptures just begin to pour out of me and piece together that I didn’t even know were buried deep in the recesses of my heart.

“Jesus Christ broke the curse of sin at Calvary and secured every spiritual blessing as our inheritance.  This is our birthright as children of our heavenly Father, and it is our responsibility to pass down this generational blessing to our earthly children.”- Mark Batterson

I didn’t  have paper (which is my crutch) and a sharpie.  The Holy Spirit is the professional list maker. The Holy Spirit: convicts us, teaches us, lead us in the way we should go, makes our path straight, supplies words and prays through us when we do not know what we should pray.


My children do not have to remain under the curse of the past. My adopted children can be free from the generational sins of their biological parents.  Curses are traded in for blessings.  Life for death.  It is my job to speak it.  I pray it.  Blessings.

I am going to keep circling my home, weather permitting!

How is your week going?  Any answers to prayer?

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